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is it bad that i get jealous of other people who have moms & take them for-granted…

like seriously, if only you guys knew how much it sucks when 4they’re gone. 

i just really miss my mommy. & i really need her hugs right now.


Dear Mom,

I try to think about all the good times we had.

I try to smile and not be sad.

I try to remember everything you said.

I try to be better and to always look ahead.

But that’s hard you see, to always pretend

Like everything’s ok even up till the end.

Because losing you was too much…

I love this


do you ever just get a vibe that someone has a crush on you and then you’re not sure if they actually do or if you’re just really really self-absorbed



i miss getting party bags at the end of parties why dont we still do that party bags were the best part of the party

It was like a reward for being sociable


"haha i don’t care" 

*goes home and cries*


i get so affectionate when i’m sleepy it’s disgusting